Give It Up Podcast

Give It Up For...The Future Of Church Planting (Start-Up Church)

March 28, 2024 Vance Roush & The Overflow Team Season 2 Episode 2
Give It Up Podcast
Give It Up For...The Future Of Church Planting (Start-Up Church)
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In this episode, Vance Roush sits down with Christian & Alex Aranza of Valley Rise Church + Brooke & Michael Strickland of Soma Church to discuss their experiences in building community as church planters, navigating challenges, and leveraging technology to enhance their missions. The guests share personal stories of faith, the impact of their work on their communities, and the innovative strategies they employ to foster growth and connectivity within their congregations.

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why decide to plant a church
the ministry of presence
what led to Soma church’s growth?
Valley Rise Church’s growth story
building communities
how church planters are approaching finances
Pastor’s hot take on crypto
tradition vs. new tech in the church
is the Church dying?
what keeps these church planters going?