Give It Up Podcast

Give It Up For...The Future Of The Church!

March 15, 2024 Vance Roush & The Overflow Team Season 2 Episode 1
Give It Up Podcast
Give It Up For...The Future Of The Church!
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In this episode, Vance Roush sits down with Vive global pastors Adam & Kiera Smallcombe, as well as Mike and Lisa Kai of Inspire Church, Hawaii to discuss the future of the church, integrating technology and innovation with faith. It features insights from faith leaders and innovators on the importance of adopting new strategies to further missions within the faith community, emphasizing the role of technology in enhancing church operations and outreach.

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ain points the church is currently wrestling through
how is consumer behavior changing to impact the church?
how are pastors approaching financing for the future of the church?
is the Church declining?
empowering women in ministry
how do you decide locations for church expansions?
how are you thinking about “finishing well” in ministry?