Give It Up Podcast

Give It Up For...AI?! Will It Help Or Hurt The Church?

June 01, 2023 Vance Roush & The Overflow Team Season 1 Episode 7
Give It Up Podcast
Give It Up For...AI?! Will It Help Or Hurt The Church?
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There are way more questions than answers when it comes to AI, the ethics of it, the upsides, the downfalls, and so much more. When you throw the church into the mix, it gets even dicier. In this episode, Vance and Zoe speak to the concerns about AI, the impacts it will have, and creative ways that it can be leveraged for good in the local church.

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calming the concerns around AI
when and how you can use AI
when and how AI would become dangerous
what are this tech founder's concerns about AI?
could AI replace our jobs?
how do I learn to use AI?
should pastors use AI for their sermon prep?
how can pastors use the power of AI to better communicate?
how to use data to help your relationships and community
will AI impact giving?